Success Stories


Roellen, Mariz & Melanie
Roellen, Mariz & Melanie

“The Kadasig Aid & Development is the pillar of every dreamer wishing to get their goals. They give opportunities to individuals like me. I was supported all over 16 years in the Foundation. My great dear sponsor was the one behind the success of my education.


The organisation moulded each of us to become independent, resourceful and most especially, give hands to people who are in need.


All the training, seminars and activities they prepared were amazing. The most elated event in my life was being part of this program.”



Melanie is currently an English teacher to Korean students.





“Life without KAID (Kadasig Aid & Development) was really hard for me: when your aunties drag you down, from the numbers of sibling and kind of father I have, and from all the negative things that life gave me. During that time, I felt that life is being unfair of giving me that kind of life.


Poverty is not new to all. It’s not new to people that they tend to embrace it and live with it. But unlike other people, poverty didn’t stop me from achieving what I like to be and what my dreams are. I started living my life with positivity, hoping that someday I will reach all my dreams.


God is so good and it’s true. He sent people to help me and make my dreams to come true. That time I started making things to reach it and stopped dreaming. KAID (Kadasig Aid & Development) organisation really helps me a lot. They did not just help me financially but they also shaped my character and as a person and up to now. I am enjoying the benefits and putting it into practice still. By shaping my personality it really helps me a lot in the profession I am into now – a teacher. Before I can’t imagine introducing myself. The training I had before really helps me to be who I am now. They give me hope and a chance to lift my family from poverty and to prove to people that poverty is not a barrier to a successful life. As long as you know how to embrace help and do your part.


Right now, I am happy and blessed with my chosen profession. I am also enjoying life not like I had before KAID came along. They are the organisation that changes people’s lives and I am only one of many who can testify that and a living witness as well.”



Mariz is a teacher at Buhisan Elementary School, one of the Kadasig Friendship Schools





“As I look back these past years of being a KAID (Kadasig Aid & Development) kid. I can’t stop thinking how lucky I am to be part of the organisation. This organisation moulded me as a better person today. I never expected that I will finish my studies and be a graduate of KAID. During that time I am just enjoying the things that the organisation gives to me and to my family. It is the opening for me to prove my worth as a KAID kid.


Once in my life, I’m just a plain member of the organisation but when I became a force my mind broadened and I can make things I feel I can’t do. I’m so thankful because KAID develops my inner self. I’m a shy type of person back then but when I join seminars and training it enhances my skills without them I can’t pursue my dreams. I am now a graduate of Psychology and have a stable job for four years now. The learning and experiences are still fresh and I keep it in my heart. Up until today I can’t stop thanking KAID for changing me and my family to be better. I still keep in the vicinity of the organisation together with Melanie and Mariz for updates. So that we can help back and share our experiences to the younger ones for them to be inspired.


I always want to be a KAID kid forever! Thank you to all the people who help us and this organisation. Thank you for the never ending support. Hopefully you will never get tired of helping the children of KAID! Your effort will not be wasted because we’re working hard to give it back, the help you’ve been giving us.


Dream big, have goals in life and reach for it!”



Roellen is working at one of Cebu’s top hospital.