Sponsorship Program

For just $260 per year you can sponsor a child

and help them with

School Fees • Supplies • Projects • Bags • Uniforms • Shoes • Medical Check-ups

Payable yearly or 6 monthly (in March and September)

Kadasig Aid & Development believes the key to impacting the future outcomes of children and their families is to invest in their education. Unfortunately, many families in the Philippines are unable to afford the fees required to send their children to school. This is why Kadasig is passionate about providing educational sponsorship.


So, what is included in the sponsorship?

The sponsorship of each child covers their school fees, school supplies, bags, uniforms and shoes as well as medical check-ups. A nominated amount of the sponsorship money is reserved for family emergencies.


What does it cost?

Sponsorship costs just $260 per year. You can choose to pay this annually or every 6 months (in March and September). For those exciting milestones when a child moves onto college, the sponsorship is $500 per year, this can be shared between two sponsors.


What information do I receive when I sponsor a child?

Sponsors receive background information about the sponsor child and their family. Sponsors also receive a photograph of the child. The sponsor child writes a letter to their sponsor up to twice a year. Sponsors are more than welcome to write back as per the guidelines received when sponsorship commences.


How much of my money actually goes to the cause?



So, how does the organisation afford to send over the money and cover their administration costs?

When you commence sponsorship, there is an optional membership fee of $20. If you choose to become a member, this fee helps cover the costs of administration, such as; stamps, envelopes, transactional fees and sending aid. Anyone can be a member and support Kadasig, even if you are not a sponsor.


What support does the sponsor child and his/her family receive from the Kadasig team in Cebu?

The social workers of the sponsorship program maintain regular contact with the families. The children are regularly monitored and supported with participation in classes as well as extracurricular activities. Child Development seminars are conducted regularly so that the social workers can work with all of the children to develop their skills, confidence and leadership abilities. One parent/guardian of each sponsor child is required to participate in monthly meetings and planning at the Cebu centre. The whole family is also supported through Kadasig’s Livelihood Program.


How do I begin sponsoring a child?

Fay Sinclair, Sponsorship Co-ordinator, would be more than happy to guide you through the process.

Please contact Fay on:

Mobile: 0425-732-992

Email: fayasinclair@gmail.com


Once set up as a sponsor, how do I pay?

Sponsorship money can be paid by direct deposit or cheque and the fee is tax deductible.