Sponsorship Program

Kadasig Aid & Development believes the key to impacting the future outcomes of children and their families is to invest in their education. Unfortunately, many families in the Philippines are unable to afford the fees required to send their children to school. The sponsorship of each child covers their school fees, school supplies, bags, uniforms and shoes as well as medical check-ups. A nominated amount of the sponsorship money is reserved for family emergencies.

Gratitude for Sponsors




Sponsors receive a photo and background information about the sponsor child and their family. The children write a letter to their sponsor up to twice a year. Sponsors can write back as per the guidelines received when sponsorship commences. Eusebio (pictured) was so pleased to hear from his sponsor.

Just prior to Christmas, the majority of our sponsor children and their families came together to receive their Christmas Hampers/Bundles of Joy, to have time together and receive food for Christmas and New Year. They gathered in circles to thank & pray for their sponsors & to celebrate. It was very special to have the mothers & some fathers attend this time.

Supporting their Learning during the Pandemic


The staff have been keeping busy trying to keep the sponsor children engaged in learning considering schools have been shut since March 2020. Kadasig has sent learning modules from Australia’s Friendship Schools, and the staff continue to hand these out. Printers and paper have been provided to local schools to copy the learning modules for their students.


Learning during covid 6
Learning during covid
learning during covid 4
Learning during covid 2

Connecting with the Community


Keeping in contact with our sponsorship families is a large part of Social Worker Emely’s role. This allows families to discuss any questions or issues they have, and to ensure the children are well supported to participate in class and extracurricular activities.


Child Development seminars are conducted regularly so that the social workers can work with all of the children to develop their skills, confidence and leadership abilities.


One parent/guardian of each sponsor child is required to participate in monthly meetings and planning at the Cebu centre. The whole family is also supported through Kadasig’s Livelihood Program.

After studying hard… It’s fun in the sun!


Our sponsor children usually attend an annual school camp run by Kadasig graduates, staff and specialised teachers. Due to the pandemic, the last camp was held in 2019.

A small group were taken to Sayaw beach for some relaxation time as they are so limited in what and where they go. It really showed how much they have missed summer camp. Hopefully next year the camps can commence again. All children love the beach, no matter where they are in the world!