Livelihood Program

The goal of the Livelihood Program is to assist families to earn an income and be financially self-sufficient. Often just a small amount of money and the sharing of knowledge and resources within the community is all that is needed to make a difference in a family’s life.

Kadasig Aid & Development run a number of Livelihood Projects which provide families with the opportunity to work, earn and grow produce. The projects focus on developing skills and knowledge to alleviate poverty.


The Projects include:

  • hog, goat and chicken raising, which then go on to be sold locally
  • farming fresh produce, such as peanuts, beans, eggplant and corn
  • sewing items such as utilizing second hand material which is then sold on sold on as cleaning cloths
  • baking, such as bread, cakes, cookies and muffins. These are done at the centre in Cebu and are sold at a popular eatery in front of the centre


Donations towards the Livelihood Program can be put towards a number of projects.

10 x Chickens






Basic Needs


These items are provided to families involved in the Livelihood and Sponsorship Programs in times of emergency and to assist them on their path to self sufficiency.

25kg sack of rice


Menstrual Hygiene Kit


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House repairs


Medical Care


Your donation to value of your choice, some examples of what your donation might cover . . .

Course of antibiotics




Wound Dressings


Ultrasound Scan


Hospital Admission



Summer Camp

$40 per child


Summer camp is very special to all Kadasig children. This takes place in May during the summer holidays in the Philippines. This is an important time for the children to be free of the additional stress and responsibilities associated with living in poverty. For example: feeding animals, trekking long distances to collect water for daily needs and caring for younger siblings.


At the end of every school year, during the summer break the Kadasig centre staff take the sponsored children and young adults away for six days. To our sponsored children in the Philippines to go the beach is a really special experience and for a lot of Kadasig sponsored children, it really is the first time they have ever had the opportunity to go to the beach. Kadasig camp is different each year but often includes; swimming, dance lessons, martial arts classes and leadership activities. One of the wonderful outcomes of camp is that the children meet other sponsored children from different areas of Cebu and wonderful new friendships grow. Consider sending a child to camp today! 


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Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner


Christmas Hamper



The Kadasig Christmas Drive is your chance to give a gift that gives and then gives again. Christmas Hampers include food, drinks, rice, Milo, milk, canned meat, towel & fruit. A gift from you to a family in need who would otherwise not have the means to celebrate Christmas. Now that is festive!

Gift Vouchers


Perhaps you might like to gift one of these items twice not only to a family in the Philippines but also to a friend or family member here. Just request a gift voucher to be posted out to you. In the past we have had people request gift vouchers for birthday presents, Kris Kringle presents, to go under the tree, table settings for each guest or just because, for that person who has everything. How would you use one?


Examples of the gift certificates below:

For more information and to organise your gift voucher please contact Glenys via email at or call Glenys on 0411 196 395.