Livelihood Program

Kadasig Aid & Development run a number of Livelihood Projects which provide families with the opportunity to work, earn and grow produce. The projects focus on developing skills and knowledge to alleviate poverty through self-sufficiency.


The Projects include:

  hog, goat and chicken raising, which then go on to be sold locally

  farming fresh produce, such as peanuts, beans, eggplant and corn

  sewing items such as utilizing second hand material which is then sold on sold on as cleaning cloths

  baking, such as bread, cakes, cookies and muffins. These are done at the centre in Cebu and are sold at a popular eatery in front of the centre


We are very proud of all of the projects and how they are run.

Building Communities


The Patupat Community was built in Barili, Cebu. Many sponsor families have built homes on this property, and they participate in the livelihood of the community. The projects include vegetable gardens, baking, a beauty parlour, sari-sari and nursery. There are guidelines that each family must sign to keep everybody safe and as a community.

Patupat has been such a success in improving the lives and self-sufficiency of the community, and we are so excited to have made the first step in building another community like this in Bolocboloc.

As per our Patupat community, families will have 50sq metres on which to construct their houses. Land will be set aside for growing fruit and vegetables as well as developing livelihood programs which have been proven to be successful. Families are all squatters so now they will be safe forever!

New community
New community 3



In February 2021, bean sprout/ mung bean production began as a livelihood project. As of April 2021, 882 kilos of sprouts were produced and distributed. Kadasig sponsor parents in Toledo were involved in this project, providing them with work and food. Feelings of pride and self-confidence are also important products of providing for self, family and the community. The Kadasig committee has provided funding for several members in a number of barangays (communities) to set up this project.

More recently, we have started providing 1/2 kilo of sprouts every day to families who have lost their income due to the pandemic and cannot afford to buy their own food.

The Patupat community in Barili also have veggie gardens that they maintain and profit from.

Garden 4
Garden 3
Garden 2



In Patupat, Barili, our community members are making good use of the oven Kadasig has bought. Yummy baked goods are sold in the local areas. For those who have travelled, they know how delicious the banana cakes and empanada are!

Oven baking

Beauty Parlour


In September 2020, a beauty parlour was constructed and opened at the front of Kadasig’s Patupat Community in the province of Barili.

This project was initiated by the ladies in the community and they run the store through a roster system. A range of items were sent by supporters in Australia. People from the community come in for services such as shampoo & blow wave, cuts, colours, manicures & pedicures. This is an income generating program which is going well considering the pandemic.

Beauty salon
Beauty salon 2
Beauty salon 5
Beauty parlour staff
Beauty salon 4

Sari- sari


A sari-sari store is a place to purchase small necessities e.g. soap, nibbles, food. One was constructed at the front of the Patupat community through funds from Australian donors. A sari-sari store is very important within communities, they carry a range of items for a family. Like the beauty parlour, this was initiated by the Patupat community. They too have a roster of mothers to attend to the store.

Sari sari 2
Sari sari 1

Donations from Australia


Balikbayan Boxes (large postal boxes) are sent to the Philippines with goods from Australia such as electronics, clothes, personal care products, school and medical supplies and canned goods. These boxes are sent to Val a burn nurse in Manila, a Father who manages three trafficking and abuse homes and Kadasig Centre. Membership helps to cover the cost of sending these boxes. Contact our Aid Co-Ordinator Juanita on 0409 514 565 / if you have some items you could donate.


We thank our donors for your support, these projects could not be possible without you.


Donations can be put towards a number of Livelihood projects.