Getting Involved

At Kadasig we appreciate anything you can give, be it in the form of time or a donation.


Please feel free to attend one of our upcoming meetings, where you can find out more about how you can become involved in Kadasig Aid. We would love to see you there! If you have any questions, or would like to let us know you will be attending our next meeting, please use the comments section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


$20 per year


At Kadasig we believe that every dollar raised goes directly to the people who it is raised for and who need it so desperately.


In order to do this, Kadasig relies on two important points:

    1. All Kadasig workers in Australia are volunteers and
    2. Kadasig supporters are paid up members



How does Membership help?


Enables communication between children, families and sponsors, by covering the cost of:

  • Postage – stamps and envelopes
  • Printing costs


Enables transfer of goods and funds to the Philippines, by covering the cost of:

  • Balikbayan Boxes (large postal boxes)
  • Money transfers


Assists in the administration needs in Australia, by covering the cost of:

  • Website fees
  • Accounting package fees


Members help to keep Kadasig accountable, by being invited to attend the Annual General Meeting.

Peace of mind that any donations/sponsorship towards the Kadasig Programs goes entirely to the Philippines.



Kadasig Christmas in July

Saturday 27th of July 2019


St Francis Xavier Parish Hall

$65 per person

For more details about the night CLICK HERE