Friendship Schools

Kadasig is proud to have partnered the following friendship schools:



 St Francis Xavier Primary, Montmorency & Buhisan Elementary


 Holy Trinity Primary, Eltham North & San Rafael Elementary


 St Kevin’s Primary, Lower Templestowe & Loyo Elementary


 St Gregory the Great Primary, Doncaster & Sayaw Elementary


 St Elizabeth Primary, Dandenong North & Matutinao Elementary


 St Kevin’s Primary, Hampton Park & Campaggna Elementary


 St Andrew’s Primary, Clayton South & Maghanoy Elementary


  St Charles Borremeo, Templestowe & Mantayupan Elementary


Kadasig also has one very special Kindergarten partnership:


  Phase V Day Care Centre & the Kadasig Day Care in Patupat


If you are interested in learning more about the Friendship School Program or would like to become an Australian Friendship School, please contact Anni on 0402 203 291 or



Our Friendship School students absolutely love receiving gifts from their Australian Schools. If you would like donate items, here is a list of items that can assist the Filipino students:


Pens, pencils textas, coloured pencils, erasers, rulers, pencil cases, copy paper, coloured paper, copy paper, teacher aids, wipes, bandaids, antiseptic cream. Tinned tuna, spam, sardines, ham, fruit, vegetables, noodles. Teacher aids, Uno, Scrabble & any other games that can be played in a small space, soccer balls, basketballs, pumps.


Sending gifts yourself via post is not recommended due to high costs and risk of failed delivery, so all gifts can be sent in our balikbayan boxes along with other aid items we send. To assist with the cost we would ask for a contribution of $10 towards shipping their gift as costs remain high and difficult to cover.

For questions & follow-up regarding postage, contact Juanita Troemml: 0409 514 565