Thank you very much for choosing to make a donation to our cause. As we wish to forward all the money we receive, we do not currently accept credit card payments online or over the phone. The simple reason for this is that we would incur a fee to process such transactions. We do however provide two options on how to donate.

To Donate via Cheque


Simply download the Donation Form (pdf), fill in your details and post it back to us with your cheque. Please make cheques payable to: Kadasig Aid & Development

To Donate via Direct Debit



Simply transfer your donation to one of our accounts via bank transfer.
Please be sure to transfer to the correct account and to take a note of the transaction description.


Donations for Sponsorship Program and Membership:

Account Name. ASIAC Kadasig

Account no. 00905951 BSB. 062 028

Transaction Description: Your name and what the money is for eg. “Smith Sponsorship”


Donations for Friendship Schools, Livelihood Program, Basic Needs, Fundraising, Specific Projects:

Account Name. Kadasig No 2 Account

Account no. 172040420 BSB. 083276

Transaction Description: Your name and what the money is for eg. “Smith Goat” or “Smith 2x dinner”


Then fill out the form below so that we can accredit your donation to you.

    I would like to take part in the Sponsorship Program

    $260 for a year$130 for 6 months (due in March & September)

    From the Livelihood Program, I would like to purchase . . .

    Chickens for $20Goat for $40Piglet for $60Solar Lighting for $10Sack of Rice for $35Menstrual Hygiene Kit $20House Repairs for $40Brick Making for $15Course of antibiotics for $10X-ray for $20Wound Dressings for $30Ultrasound Scan for $50Hospital Admission for $100Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner for $35Christmas Hamper for $40Summer Camp for $40

    Other Donations

    I wish to sign up to become a member for $10 per year with an initial extra $10 joining feeI wish to make a donation towards the Kadasig Community Centre, which assists in maintaining the office operating all programsI wish to make a general donation to where it is needed most

    Do you require a gift voucher?

    Yes, I require a gift voucher

    Please enter the transaction description you entered when transferring us your donation (required)