Christmas Gifts

Christmas is all about giving and generosity, and we are arranging Christmas Hampers again this year!

Kadasig Christmas Hampers bring great joy to many families in Cebu, Philippines. While you’re sitting down with you family for a feast, you can know that you’ve contributed to a wonderful hamper of food for a family.

Christmas Hampers are only $40 and are distributed every year. You can donate to make a family’s day.

And as always, there are a number of living essentials to purchase for those in need, that would be well received as Christmas presents too. Also available through the link, including:

  • Sack of rice 25kg – $30
  • Sack of rice 50kg – $60
  • Livelihood products – $20-$100
  • Medical care – $25
  • House construction – $50
  • Contribute to water tank – $50


For more information, you can contact

Maree Kulkens on 0430 549 516 / or
Juanita Troemml on 0409 514 565 /