“A wonderful day to our beloved readers. I want to share my unforgettable experiences of my family. I hope you can get some lesson and some inspiring thoughts from this story on how you can  live your life to the fullest. We need to be strong enough in faced the challenges in life. We need to have patience and need to have patience and determination to fulfilling our goals in life.

Most of all with the help of Divine Mercy and Faith in God Almighty.

To start with we had a happy family who celebrate a Christmas Day with full of love but suddenly disappear when my father got an accident. Furthermore, my mother was too depressed of what happen to my father.Suddenly, my mother was drowned and passed away. We are too depressed of that time because our mother never tells us the truth why she left us no words comes in her mouth.A year after my Father passed away we are asking why they both leave us? How can we survived and who will support us in our daily needs? I am six years old of that time. I am too young and there a lot of questions that comes to my mind of what happened to my parents.

I am one of the Sponsored Child in what was ICARN now KAID –  they are from AUSTRALIA  since 1996 until I graduate my college degree. I really thankful to our God Almighty that he give us this gorgeous and very Active Woman   Sister Aida Casambre and Miss  Emelia Alcoseba, they are the Heads  of KADASIG PARENTS  ORGANIZATION  in Cebu City who  helping us to find Sponsorships to  support us in daily needs and most of all in our studies. Here Comes Tita Linda and Tito Colin who was too Generous and give their Unconditional Love for us like their own siblings.We are too blessed and God answered my prayers every night that she send to me a mother that will love me of what I am and care for me now and forever.

Every now and then Tita Linda and Tita Glenys has been visited us once a year.  I experienced the love of a mother when Tita Linda will bring us in Shopping Malls to buy something for us like dress, clothes, school supplies, shoes and after that we went to delicious Restaurant. All of us was experience that we felt too happy and I  never believe that there someone like Tita Linda was showed her unconditional  love for us like her own daughter and son.

All of my brothers and sisters are completed their Courses and had their works too. Our eldest brother, Rommel, was 3rdyear in college took up Bachelor of Marine Engineering. He was an OFW(overseas foreign worker) for 10 years in Saudi Arabia as a Assisstant Chief  of the  Inter Island Ship. My second brother Augusto Jr. was graduated also Volcanizing in Don Bosco Vocational School here in Cebu. He is now driving his own tricycle in Manila, Philippines. My sister Rowena was graduated her Vocational Course and now she is still working as Promo Diser in Metro Malls. My sister Rosanna also is graduated her Bachelor of Secretariat in 2 years and she works at SM Malls for 13 years as a regular employees.

I am too blessed because Tita Linda and the Aussies /KAID family will supported my studies and now I am a Successful Professional Teacher here in Cebu.It is not easy for me to reach this profession we need to have passion and sacrifices dealing with problems in life. Tita Linda and Tita Glenys this is for you. You may not have given me the gift of life but life gave me the gift of you. My life is not worthy without you our Aussie family.I know many children are thankful to you because of your full support and determination to help us the Filipino children.

God bless Aussie family. A millions thank is not enough but Still I Shout it Up ..THANKS , THANK YOU TITA LINDA,TITO COLIN and TITA GLENYS. Take care always xx

Thank you for time readers. GOD BLESS US ALL!!!

Yours truly,

– Roselle