Community Pantry

Life is very challenging for many, many families in the Philippines. They are still in a full pandemic state. Along with this goes no work, no school attendance and difficult weather has meant many difficulties with growing crops. With this in mind, our Emely (Social Worker in the Phillipines) has set up what is called a ‘Community Pantry’. These are popping up in many areas of the Philippines to assist families. Today was the first day for KAID’s, it was in Patupat. Seed funding to buy items not grown by families was given to start off, items such as eggs, sardines, salt, brown sugar & vinegar.

The idea is for families to bring whatever they may have extra of to be part of the Pantry. They can then take items they need. There were 100 families today able to take advantage of this project. Families who don’t have anything to share but need food can participate.

The atmosphere was happy and very positive. This Community Pantry will take place every month.

A special thank you to Fr Gerry McKernan and the parishioners of St Kevin’s, Lower Templestowe for funding this wonderful project, and making a difference in many lives during this difficult time.


All attendees and helpers needed to check their temperature, check- in, wear masks and wash their hands.